The magic white sauce

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She loved to experiment.

One day visitors from far far away arrived. The little girl’s mother was still at work when they knocked at the door. The little girl opened the door and had an idea. She was excited and wanted to cook something special for the visitors. She had never cooked before…

So, she boiled pasta, like she had seen her mother boil pasta many times before and created the magic white sauce: just butter, milk and flour… loads of flour…

The little girl’s mother arrived when everybody was eating happily pasta with the magic white sauce. She got some too… Her face turned green and her eyes almost left her face… No, she didn’t like it and made sure everybody else knew this too… and the magic white sauce became a favourite topic in conversations.

But not for the little girl.

The little girl was sad and hurt.

The years passed and the little girl grew up. The story about the magic white sauce was living on. Her mother continued sharing it. She found it so amusing. The big girl didn’t find it amusing at all.

The big girl continued experimenting in the kitchen and loads of people loved her food – but not her mother.

The big girl stopped cooking for her mother a long time ago. Nothing was good enough! The big girl was also tired of listening to her mother praising the culinary wonders of her little sister.

Her mother never understood the real power of the magic white sauce… did you?

via The magic white sauce.


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