PGCAP Summer Picnic, 15 June, 12-3pm

Join us!

Join us!

Open invitation

15 June, 12-3pm

Join us for a feast, to have some fun and celebrate together a successful year of learning and teaching at the University of Salford.

All past, present and future PGCAP students and PGCAP friends are invited. Also, if you are thinking of joining the programme in September, this is an excellent opportunity to find out more about it from tutors, students and alumni.

The picnic will be held on the grassy area at the side of the Clifford Whitworh Building. The weather is unpredictable but we hope that it will be warm and sunny 😉

As it is a picnic, it would be great, if you could bring with you a picnic blanket and some food or non-alcoholic drinks, to share with everybody.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The PGCAP Programme Team

ps. A BIG thank you to Craig Despard who designed our beautiful poster.


About pgcapsalford

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) University of Salford (UK)
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