First ever @pgcap picnic now over

creative people see things in everything, Neil discovered the PGCAP heart ;)

creative people see things in everything, Neil discovered this one. What do you see?

Thank you everybody for joining our very first picnic, which turned into our first ever indoor picnic… unfortunately, massive dark grey rain clouds started appearing despite the beautiful and bright sunny morning… this was a shame. However, we all had a fantastic picnic. It was so lovely to be with you all and have some fun time together, play with, eat food and chat too. A special thank you to all our cooks who prepared something special for the picnic. The food was delicious and I think some people requested recipes so I think this might be the place to add them here as comments and share with others.

picnic chats

picnic food and chats

We decided to repeat the picnic on a regular basis and the plan is to introduce one at the end of each semester. The one at the end of semester 1 would be a Christmas picnic and if we have snow, we can all make snow angels and snow people outside 😉 I have already started thinking of how we can organise this and we are looking for 1 or 2 volunteers to help us organise this.

You all have now received your feedback and grades which are just subject to the External Exminers. Please note, the Exam Board is on the 12 of July and Anne will be contacting you all afterwards to confirm the outcome. We will also process your Fellowship Applications collectively to the HEA and will be in touch to ask you to complete a simple form which is required for this.

Thank you all of you for such an exciting Semester 2 and special picnic!

We wish you all a great sunny summer break and see you again in the next academic year for more learning and teaching adventures!

Chrissi and the PGCAP team

ps. Craig, thanks again for a great poster. Are you going to design our next picnic poster, please? 😉


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