smooth Exam Board, 9 Aug 12

PGCAP Exam Board 9 Aug 12

29 more members of staff completing successfully the PGCAP and the PgCert

This was a feel good exam board. I am so pleased that our External Examiners found that our current students made vast improvements in reflections. They were impressed with thoughts captured by students around the teaching observations and noticed extensive peer learning. They also commented that some of the ALT projects were innovative and a lot of hard work had gone into these. The engagement with the literature had improved. The external examiners also said the students’ learning journeys were significant and that there was rich evidence of change in thinking and impact on practice in the e-portfolios. Both examiners applauded the creativity expressed through the e-portfolios and the variety of media used as well as the support and feedback provided throughout the modules.

There are of course always areas to improve and the ones highlighted by our externals are the following:

  • Meaningful critical engagement with the generic and subject-specific literature (we need more analysis! Also you need to critique and not just refer to the literature in a passive way)
  • Closer link between theory and practice (sometimes there seems a disconnect! We need to work on this so that we can clearly see that you do understand the theory and its application in your practice)
  • Evaluations need to be strengthened too!
  • (for the PGCAP team) The openness in reflections brought to light that some students struggeled a lot and it was suggested to explore additional support opportunities.
  • (for the PGCAP team) Summative feedback provided on the LTHE module: Professional Discussions and Summative assessment feedback seemed disconnected to the Externals. We will need to share our rationale and perhaps make some adjustments to our approach.
  • (for the PGCAP team) The technologies used presented a challenge for the Externals to complete their work. We will have to put together further guidelines to avoid this in the future.

Thank you to all our students who embraced learning and experimented with us. We will continue searching with you for innovative ways to improve the programme so that you get the maximum out of it.

29 of you have completed the PGCAP this semester. We are looking forward to staying in touch with you all and will process your HEA Fellowship application as soon and will be in touch about this.

Thank you to Pete Whitton for all his work on the ALT module and Cristina Costa for helping me with the teaching observations and Pete supporting ALT module students. Thank you also to all colleagues from around Salford and beyond who contributed to the PGCAP modules. We will continue working in partnership with the community at Salford and around the world to widen our horizons and engage in rich learning conversations.

We are looking forward to working with existing and new students from September and our brand new Application of Learning Technologies module will be a real learning adventure. The module tutors, Cristina Costa and Pete Whitton, will share their first thoughts and reveal some of the highlights over the summer. 😉

Chrissi, the Programme Leader


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