#lthesep12 online pre-induction tasks

Task 1

If you just arrived here, please introduce yourself briefly. Include information about your role at the university and what you enjoy most about it. Also, please share with us what you would like to get out of the PGCAP. And consider sharing a link to your photo you uploaded to our flickr account too. Thank you.

Task 2

How do you teach? Apps (1991, 23-24) talks about different teaching approaches through metaphor which should help you to start thinking about you as a teacher:

  • Lamplighters – who see to enlighten their students;
  • Gardners – who seek to cultivate the mind by nourishing, enhancing and providing the right climate, whilst they also remove the weeds, and then they stand back and let growth occur;
  • Muscle builders – who seek to strengthen flabby minds:
  • Bucket fillers – who pour information into empty containers;
  • Challengers – who question learners’ assumptions;
  • Travel guides – who assist people along the path of learning;
  • Factory supervisors – who supervise both the inputs and the outputs of the process;
  • Artists – learning is an aesthetic process;
  • Applied scientists – they seek to apply research results about teaching to their own approach;
  • Craftspeople – who use a wide variety of skills;”

How do you see yourself as a teacher? Briefly explain and comment on at least 2 other posts before induction. Thank you very much.




Apps, J. (1991) Mastering the Teaching of Adults, FL: Krieger.


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Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) University of Salford (UK)
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