PGCAP research

The space to capture research and scholarly activities carried out by PGCAP tutors and students linked to the programme.


Nerantzi, C and Despard, C (work-in-progress) Making Lego models to aid reflection (more details to follow)

Nerantzi, C (accepted) An open peer observation experiment within the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) at the University of Salford, Educational Developments Magazine, SEDA (more details to follow)

Nerantzi, C (submitted) Using web-conferencing technologies to enable wider learning conversations for professional development, Education and Culture DG, Lifelong Learning Programme, Education, Audiovisual and Executive Agency (University of Salford is a partner)

Nerantzi, C and Currant, N (2011) Using e-portfolios for learning and assessment within the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) at the University of Salford, Centre for Recording Achievement, available

Nerantzi, C (2011) To act, or not to act, upon feedback? A case study in Academic Development, Students’ experience and student feedback, HEA Education Subject Centre, available at

Nerantzi, C, Currant, N, Avramenko, A & Harvey, V (2011) Feedback conversations in a blended classroom, TEAN STOREHOUSE, at

Nerantzi, C (2011) ‘I didn’t know this was possible’ – exploring technology-enhanced learning and teaching approaches within Academic Development, Working with Diverse Groups of Learners in the Digital Age, HEA Education Subject Centre ESCalate Publication, available at

book chapters

Nerantzi, C (under publication) Using Voicethread to enable media-rich online collaborative learning, in: Digital Voices, HEA Book publication (more details to follow)

Nerantzi, C (under publication) “Sell your bargains” Playing a mixed-reality game with academics to spice-up teaching in HE, Cases on Digital Game-Based Learning: Methods, Models and Strategies, to be published by IGI Global ( in 2012.

Smith, C and Nerantzi, C (under publication) ePortfolios: Assessment as learning using social media,  Waxmann publishers, series ”Gesellschaft for Medien in der Wissenschaft” (Association for Media
in Science, (more details will follow)

presentations, workshops

15-16 Nov 2012,  ”Let’s play! – the value of game-based learning in Academic Development” Workshop with Craig Despard, 17th Annual SEDA Conference, Excellence in Teaching: recognising, enhancing, evaluating and achieving impact, Aston Business School. Birmingham

29 Aug 2012, “Social media eportfolio for learning and assessment”, with Dr. Chris Smith and Craig Despard, eAssessment Conference Scotland, Feeding back, Forming the future (online contribution),

19-22 June 2012, “Engaging learners through time-bound online role-play activities: using Elluminate to promote learner engagement” workshop with Dr. Chris Smith, STLHE 2012 Conference, Montreal, Canada

19 Apr 2012 “Social media portfolios for learning and assessment”, invited presentation with PGCAP students, Sheffield Hallam University

3 Feb 2012 “Playing games in Higher Education”, discussing a mixed-reality game developed for the PGCAP, Thunderstorm session during the MEL SIG event, University of Salford with Kirsty Pope and Neil Currie

11 Dec 2011 “Play ‘n’ learn, spicing up teaching in Higher Education using a mixed-reality game, invited” webinar delivered with academics studying towards the PGCAP at the University of Salford, Creativity and Multicultural Communication (Massive Online Open Cource), organizer: Empire State College, State University of New York, site:

17-18 November 2011 “e-portfolios for learning”, 16th Annual SEDA Conference 2011, Using Technology to Enhance Learning, joined presentation with Currant N.

6-8 July 2011 “Feedback conversations in a blended classroom” with Currant, N., Avramenko, A. and Harvey V., Education in a Changing Environment, 6th International Conference, Creativity and Engagement in Higher Education, Salford.

25 Jan 2011 “Formative Feedback in the blended classroom – how an e-portfolio can create a student-tutor dialogue to improve learning” joined presentation with Neil Currant, Dr. Alex Avramenko and Vicki Harvey during the Good Practice Event: Students’ Journey with Technology Enhanced Learning, ADU, University of Salford


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