PGCAP success stories

The PGCAP is a small programme with a huge impact. We would like to share our success stories here. We are so very proud of all achievements!

If you can’t see yours here, please get in touch as soon as possible so that it can be added. Thank you.


Paul Tracey

Paul's idea: using raffle tickets in large-group teaching

Paul’s idea: using raffle tickets in large-group teaching, game-based learning on the PGCAP

Best Teacher 2012, Student Led Teaching Award of the Salford Student Union, University of Salford,

Neil Currie and  Jinyan Wang


Neil left in Manchester City Centre with Fiona, the winning team goes on the Wheel

Won as members of the Civil Engineers and its Structures team, Laurence Weekes, Neil Currie, Phillip Leach, Jinyan Wang & Jonathan Haynes, the The IStructE 2012 Award for Excellence in Structural Engineering Education 2012 [add link]

Sarah Bodell and Denis McGrath

Core Sep 11 week 1 - induction

Sarah (left) in green and black, during induction

speed dating

Denis (front left) involved in a speed dating activity during the PGCAP induction

Joint Single VCs Distinguishes Teaching Award in 2012 as part o a joint Angela Hook, Sarah Bodell and Denis McGrath (Joint Single Award) (the submission can be accessed here– School of Health Sciences

Neil Donohue

active participation

Neil (centre in the red jumper) participating in an interactive lecture on the programme

VCs Distinguishes Teaching Group Award in 2012 as part of the Library Academic Support Team (Group Award) – Health & Social Care: Roz Howard, Kay Hack, Jane Jenkins, Neil Donohue, Rachel Adams, Monica Casey, Karen Sumpton

Paul Tracey

week 5 - learning theories

Paul in action sharing his passion with current PGCAP students

Sep 12: Paul Tracey who earlier this year won the very first Best Teacher Award at Salford (see above), has been shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Awards in the category of Most Innovative Teacher of the Year 2012. We are exteremly proud of how Paul has embraced creativity and innovation and is making a real difference to his students’ learning experience but also inspires colleagues at Salford and elsewhere to become excellent teachers and share their passion for their subject. Link to THE shortlist

Research projects carried out by PGCAP students, past and present, inspired by the programme

Sam Ingleson

coresep11 week 10: learning through designing a board game

Sam learning through designing a board game  (funded research project)

[ add details about funded research project]

Neil Currie

15 June PGCAP picnic No. 1

Neil left playing the watermelon game during the first PGCAP picnic

[add details about funded research project]

Udayangani Kulatunga, Lecturer in Quantity Surveying, School of the Built Environment

Sheffield Hallam University with PGCAPers

Udayangani (second from left) during an invited trip to Sheffield Hallam

June 12: I am working on a collaborative research project with Bangladesh on Disaster Management. To increase community awareness regarding disasters and disaster risk reduction strategies, we identified to develop Board Games that can be distributed for school children and community inspired by the board games we learnt at PGCAP!

Sep 12: Udayangani applied for the University’s Annual Fund to introduce “Clickers” to Salford’s affiliated college in Sri Lanka (she is the programme coordinator of this) and was informed that was successful in this and will be able to introduce clickers to Sri Lanka! We are looking forward to finding out more about her project.

VC’s Distinguished Teaching Awards 2012/13

Four out of five VC’s Distinguished Teaching Awards went this year to the PGCAP! This is a massive achievement. Thank you to all the PGCAP team who worked hard and all our students who embraced the programme as an opportunity to learn and transform their teaching practices. Very well done to all.

The winnder are

  • Neil Currie
  • Jerome Devaux
  • Paul Tracey
  • Chrissi Nerantzi

Neil and Penny

Neil Currie #pgcapalumni

Paul on the left

Paul Tracey #pgcapalumni

Lucy and Jerome on the right

Jerome Deveaux #pgcapalumni

Chrissi and the feedback sandwich 😉

Chrissi Nerantzi PGCAP Programme Leader


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  1. Well done – Udayangani. This is great news. Let us know how this project goes 🙂 – Becci

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