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We are offering weekly virtual Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLC) on Fridays 12-1pm UK time (access the World Clock to convert to your local time) starting in October 12 by and for academics and other practitioners who support learning in Higher Education. This is an informal opportunity to share and discuss experiences, innovations, thoughts, ideas and problem solve together. We are aiming to have two presenters per webinar who are given 10-15 min to share their perspective around the webinar theme. A discussion and debate will then follow with the participants for the remaining 30 min.

These webinars will be open to all our PGCAP students but also the local learning community here at Salford as well as the global community around the world. We would also love to hear from students in Higher Education as well and hope that they will also find these useful.

The TLCs are offered by and for the global learning community.

If you would like to present on one of our TLCs please tweet the Academic Development  team at @pgcap and use the hashtag #TLConline.

The current TLC programme is available at Thank you.

We are looking forward to exciting and engaging TLC webinars!

Next TLC

Temporarily unavailable

link to the webinar room

link to the recording to be added after the webinar


19 October 12 Creativity in Education
with Prof. Paul Haywood and Carol Yeager

26 October 12 Disruptive Education
with with Graham Attwell and Fred Garnett

2 November 12 Teaching with Care
with Dr Nellie Deutsch



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