PGCAP portfolio awards

We have the pleasure to announce the introduction of the brand new PGCAP portfolio awards in 2012/13 to celebrate outstanding and creative work completed by our students. The categories and criteria for these awards have been selected by a group of current PGCAP students and are the following.
  • Most creative PGCAP portfolio of the year: The student makes extensive and innovative use of imaginative media in a variety of formats which are integrated in a highly effective way and capture the richness of reflection and learning creatively.
  • Most connected PGCAP portfolio of the year: The student reaches out to a wide range of individuals from the programme and the wider community and engages in deep and meaningful learning conversations and makes extensive use of high quality external resources for learning and connecting with others.
  • Most motivational PGCAP portfolio of the year: The student’s passion for learning and teaching shines through the portfolio. All aspects of the work in the portfolio is inspirational and inspiring and has the power to motivate peers, tutors and the wider community.
Immediately after semester 2, tutors and students will be able to nominate portfolios for the above awards. The judging panel will consist of tutors, PGCAP alumni and the external examiners of the programme and the winning portfolios will be awarded a prize (we are currently identifying sponsors for this).

A big thank you to Becci, Gemma and Craig for putting together the awards’ criteria.

The PGCAP Programme Team

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